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About the course

The present course will contribute to your knowledge about the history of Guanajuato city. This colonial city was named World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988 and also is one of the most important territories in the history of Mexico as it was crucial for the achievement of the Independence. Furthermore, Guanajuato is the headquarters of the Festival Internacional Cervantino, one of the most significant cultural event of international stature that reunites people of all nationalities and a numerous cultural events worthy of being lived. Likewise, in this course you will find the main museum and art galleries that the city offers, so you can enjoy and seize the most of your stay in Guanajuato.


  1. History of Guanajuato city: from pre-Columbian period to 19th century
  2. History of Guanajuato city: from 19th to 20th century
  3. Guanajuato: art and culture

Identification data

  • Duration: 25 hours
  • Code: EDSH01313

Note: Once the course evaluation requirements are complete, a digital certificate will be granted.

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